Dear Shihan ,

On the 1 year anniversary of my son’s enrollment with Sealy karate, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some feedback regarding our experiences thus far. Please feel free to use all, or sections or edits of this letter as a testimonial. My son enrolled with Sealy when he was 6 years old. We chose to try karate because he is an active, energetic boy but he is extremely small for his age and struggles with concentration and confidence. His experiences with soccer and hockey were sometimes difficult and unhappy. Initially, he started in the junior karate program. We found it to be a perfect introduction to karate. The students are introduced to discipline and hard work, at a gentle, encouraging, and supportive pace that he found entertaining. He learned, as he was having fun.Once he was comfortable with some basics, he was moved up to the regular classes and attended the family sessions (all ages). The regular classes introduced him to some more instructors and offered more structure and protocol. The transition was smooth and he has continued to progress. After watching him for 9 months, I couldn’t resist trying myself. Now I am trying to catch up to him! 

Some of the strengths of the Karate program at Sealy include:

  • The instructors enforce class structure gently, but firmly.
  • The instructors are consistently supportive and positive.
  • Each student is given a chance to lead small aspects of the class including counting repetitions, reciting the student creed, reading the message of the week, or even helping lead an exercise. Students are never pressured to participate, but every attempt at participation is rewarded with positive feedback.
  • Accomplishments are regularly recognized and celebrated by all members of the dojo. This creates a real sense of “team”. Students take pride in being part of, and contributing to, that team.
  • Expectations of discipline, hard work, and attention to detail are different, and appropriate, for different age groups, and skill levels.
  • The instructors carefully observe students while practicing and offer individual help or correction; as always, in a positive manner.
  • The classes offer a good physical workout. It can sometimes be quite challenging, but students are able to work at their own pace.

My son’s physical abilities, particularly coordination and strength have improved significantly. In addition to the physical benefits, I have seen an increase in his confidence. I also believe that Sealy Karate has contributed to a big positive change in my son’s concentration and behaviour in school. Without question, the key to Sealy’s success is the instructors. Shihan Keven Sealy has assembled a group that is consistently excellent. Their skills are impressive, sometimes astonishing. They bring energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude to each and every class. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from them. More importantly, I cannot imagine a better set of male and female role models for my son to learn from. I can sum up our experience with Sealy Karate by noting that, in a year of bi-weekly classes, my son has never once been less than excited about going to karate. He is always happy to see the Sensei’s and Sempai’s! 

Yours Sincerely,