Sterne family

Dear Sensei Kevin:

We are happy to be asked to write a letter of recommendation for Sealy Karate School. Since our daughter joined Sealy Karate in June 1998, our entire family has benefited from our association with the school We, as parents supported by the school, have taught our children to dream of achievement, make plans to achieve their goals and to celebrate their successes; our son has witnessed his older sister’s dedication to and perseverance in her sport and, the grandparents in the family have been encouraged by the school’s commitment to discipline and courtesy! Over the last five years in her quest to achieve her Black Belt, Kara has benefited from consistent and strong leadership, guidance and teaching from your staff. We are thrilled to have such healthy and wise young adults as role models for our children. And, Kara herself has noted that it is exciting to have such a diversity of martial arts talent in the school – she never gets tired of learning something new! The Sealy Karate School team has become a valued and important part of the Sterne family!