M. Finoro

Sealy Karate,

Karate is more than a sport; it is a way of life.Both the brain and the muscles must work simultaneously to produce a certain movement. After much practice, you are pleasantly surprised to see your mind and body work in unison. Hence, karate provides the practitioner with a great sense of confidence and well-being. Upon beginning one of the best known of the martial arts, you feel awkward; it is obvious that it is difficult to keep pace with the veterans. However, this is to be expected.If you have not exercised in a long time you must be patient with yourself.Flexibility, speed and endurance can only be enhanced over time. After only several months, there are noticeable benefits. You grow more self-assured as you perform the katas or self-defense routines more accurately and more smoothly. Recalling their slow, methodical introduction to karate, the sensei and his students are very happy to help you learn the techniques and encourage you when encountering difficulties. Size, gender and age are not a barrier to success. Afterall, the renowned Bruce Lee weighed approximately 150 pounds yet his skill, speed and stamina were phenomenal. Females can be just as adept at karate as males. All ages do well provided they are dedicated. In the dojo, the “generation gap” is practically non-existent as a wide variety of belt level participants undertake their drills, katas and self-defense techniques. In brief, karate is excellent for many reasons. It provides you with a very good aerobic work-out, yet you are encouraged to set our own limits. The one hour classes are well-balanced with a variety of exercises that keep them interesting and challenging. The katas develop your coordination, balance and fluidity with their well-executed defensive movements.The sparring is fun as participants experiment with their newly found techniques; the students use the proper equipment, are supervised by the sensei and attempt to score points – not knock-downs! Although assaults are fortunately rare, you will be able to defend yourself enough to discourage any potential assailant. I wholeheartedly recommend Sealy Karate. The school is a place to have fun while maintaining physical fitness, sharpening your mental awareness and appreciating how the martial arts can teach you to move the body in ways you never thought possible.

Sincerely,  M. Finoro