Jennifer Smith, Mom of 3 ninjas ages 6, 8 and 10

“Pay for 3 and the rest of the family is free”.  Since my 3 children were already doing karate, it was free for my husband and I to join.  We figured it would give us a little exercise and every once in a while we get to stick fight each other.  Seriously, who doesn’t want to hit their spouse over the head with a foam bat sometimes?  Well it is a year later and I just received my green belt.   The instructors are great role models.  They each show incredible skill.  Sempai Joseph is very encouraging (especially to the adults), Sensei Adrianna has incredible focus and responsibility, and Sensei Jonathan has great enthusiasm every single class.  I often leave class thinking that I would be proud if my children grow up to be like any of the instructors.   Our family tries to choose activities that have multiple ages together.  In karate, not only can all of the children conveniently go to class at the same time, but it is multi generational.  Karate is one of the few activities where 5 year olds and 50+ year olds work side by side teaching everyone respect for each other.  Sealy Karate has developed the feeling of a community.  There are activities you can choose to participate in such as birthday parties, Shiai (friendly karate competitions), demo team outings, a hockey game, a football game, Ribfest, a fun day to support an orphanage in Haiti, and day camps.  We participate in the activities when time allows it.  We enjoy spending time with such a great group of people who know how to fun while being respectful and encouraging. 

Try Sealy Karate!  You will eventually do push ups without needing Advil and leave every class feeling good about yourself after having a lot of fun.