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Sealy Karate,

Karate is more than a sport; it is a way of life.Both the brain and the muscles must work simultaneously to produce a certain movement. After much practice, you are pleasantly surprised to see your mind and body work in unison. Hence, karate provides the practitioner with a great sense of confidence and well-being. Upon beginning one of the best known of the martial arts, you feel awkward; it is obvious that it is difficult to keep pace with the veterans. However, this is to be expected.If you have not exercised in a long time you must be patient with yourself.Flexibility, speed and endurance can only be enhanced over time. After only several months, there are noticeable benefits. You grow more self-assured as you perform the katas or self-defense routines more accurately and more smoothly. Recalling their slow, methodical introduction to karate, the sensei and his students are very happy to help you learn the techniques and encourage you when encountering difficulties. Size, gender and age are not a barrier to success. Afterall, the renowned Bruce Lee weighed approximately 150 pounds yet his skill, speed and stamina were phenomenal. Females can be just as adept at karate as males. All ages do well provided they are dedicated. In the dojo, the “generation gap” is practically non-existent as a wide variety of belt level participants undertake their drills, katas and self-defense techniques. In brief, karate is excellent for many reasons. It provides you with a very good aerobic work-out, yet you are encouraged to set our own limits. The one hour classes are well-balanced with a variety of exercises that keep them interesting and challenging. The katas develop your coordination, balance and fluidity with their well-executed defensive movements.The sparring is fun as participants experiment with their newly found techniques; the students use the proper equipment, are supervised by the sensei and attempt to score points – not knock-downs! Although assaults are fortunately rare, you will be able to defend yourself enough to discourage any potential assailant. I wholeheartedly recommend Sealy Karate. The school is a place to have fun while maintaining physical fitness, sharpening your mental awareness and appreciating how the martial arts can teach you to move the body in ways you never thought possible.

Sincerely,  M. Finoro

M. Finoro

Sealy Karate

Sealy Karate School has been a large part of our lives for the last few years. As the father of three girls, I was very excited to learn one of my daughters wanted to join karate. We had heard good things about the Sealy school, and after a couple of visits Raeann started as a white belt in March of 1999. After watching her older sister for a about a year, our youngest daughter, Jordanne decided that she would also like to join. Raeann is currently a brown belt, and hopes to achieve her black belt in December 2004 Jordanne is currently a purple belt, and hopes to achieve her black belt in December 2005. We have found that karate offers our girls both physical and essential life skills Sealy Karate School stresses the importance of respect, focus, and self discipline. It is an amazing experience to watch our girls learn the importance of these qualities, and use them in other areas of their lives. We have seen positive results at home and at school. The instructors at Sealy Karate are very experienced and knowledgeable. They provide a positive environment in which to learn, and are very patient with the students. The instructors know how to motivate, using short term goals, and at the same time, manage to make the training fun. We truly believe karate has had a very positive effect on both our young daughters’ lives, and can only help them as they grow into young adults. We are very proud of their achievements, and look forward to many more. 

The McFarlane Family

The McFarlane Family

Dear Sensei Kevin:

We are happy to be asked to write a letter of recommendation for Sealy Karate School. Since our daughter joined Sealy Karate in June 1998, our entire family has benefited from our association with the school We, as parents supported by the school, have taught our children to dream of achievement, make plans to achieve their goals and to celebrate their successes; our son has witnessed his older sister’s dedication to and perseverance in her sport and, the grandparents in the family have been encouraged by the school’s commitment to discipline and courtesy! Over the last five years in her quest to achieve her Black Belt, Kara has benefited from consistent and strong leadership, guidance and teaching from your staff. We are thrilled to have such healthy and wise young adults as role models for our children. And, Kara herself has noted that it is exciting to have such a diversity of martial arts talent in the school – she never gets tired of learning something new! The Sealy Karate School team has become a valued and important part of the Sterne family!

Sterne family

About two and a half years ago, Kyle Petty was diagnosed with A.D.D. It was a very rough period for him as well as the family. We had to try to find things that would help Kyle to develop his inability to focus. It was suggested that we try Karate, and so we did. The staff at Sealy Karate were absolutely wonderful with Kyle. They worked one on one with Kyle helping him to achieve his goals. He has developed a positive attitude and the desire to want to improve himself physically and mentally. Kyle’s grades at school have improved tremedously. He went from receiving Cs and D’s on his report card to straight A’s. Sealy Karate has given Kyle attainable goals to reach every step of the way, and with Kyle’s new found confidence he has been successful at reaching them. We are grateful to Sealy Karate for their support and understanding in assisting Kyle along his journey to understanding and developing his ablility to focus, and his desire to succeed in everything he does. Many thanks go to Sensei Kevin and Sensei Rob for everything they have done.

Teri Petty

Teri Petty

Hello Sensei Sealy

Isaac had a fantastic experience at the International Martial French Open V tournament. It was a big tournament with representation from Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, some from Canada, and the Team USA for Artistic Kata. I had never witnessed this combination of gymnastics and martial arts like this before. People launch themselves 6 feet into the air and do incredible extreme kicks and other tricks. There was also a strong showing in the traditional forms of Karate, Tae KwonDo, Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu and a strong showing of Rajakalai, among others!!! The Rajakalai showing was excellent. Lots of weapons. In great form, Isaac, representing Sealy Karate Schools, took the first place in the boys 8-9 category. He got a big applause and lots of congratulations. He kicked one kid to the ground 4 times! Point-fighting, hits to the face allowed, 5 points for a victory. He cleaned without doubt there. As Sensei Sealy recommended, he never dropped the left hand and kept on firing with the right hand (in sort of a funny way that Sensei Rob showed him….). He looked strong and controlled – no hesitation, lots of good action. We witnessed some very good fighting, particularly between Tae Kwon Do and Karate and Kung Fu and Karate. Karate won over Tae KwonDo, but the Kung Fu champ from Mexico (Eduardo ….) beat the German Karateka. All in all it was an excellent experience in this international tournament. Isaac’s training at Sealy Karate is truly world class – he was, in my opinion, in the top 5% of the competitors. His forms stood out – kudos to the sensei’s at Sealy Karate. I would just like to add that Isaac is training twice a week by himself (I), with my very basic coaching and the video that Sensei Sealy made for him.

Best regards,

The Marangoni Family

The Marangoni Family

Dear Shihan ,

On the 1 year anniversary of my son’s enrollment with Sealy karate, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some feedback regarding our experiences thus far. Please feel free to use all, or sections or edits of this letter as a testimonial. My son enrolled with Sealy when he was 6 years old. We chose to try karate because he is an active, energetic boy but he is extremely small for his age and struggles with concentration and confidence. His experiences with soccer and hockey were sometimes difficult and unhappy. Initially, he started in the junior karate program. We found it to be a perfect introduction to karate. The students are introduced to discipline and hard work, at a gentle, encouraging, and supportive pace that he found entertaining. He learned, as he was having fun.Once he was comfortable with some basics, he was moved up to the regular classes and attended the family sessions (all ages). The regular classes introduced him to some more instructors and offered more structure and protocol. The transition was smooth and he has continued to progress. After watching him for 9 months, I couldn’t resist trying myself. Now I am trying to catch up to him! 

Some of the strengths of the Karate program at Sealy include:

  • The instructors enforce class structure gently, but firmly.
  • The instructors are consistently supportive and positive.
  • Each student is given a chance to lead small aspects of the class including counting repetitions, reciting the student creed, reading the message of the week, or even helping lead an exercise. Students are never pressured to participate, but every attempt at participation is rewarded with positive feedback.
  • Accomplishments are regularly recognized and celebrated by all members of the dojo. This creates a real sense of “team”. Students take pride in being part of, and contributing to, that team.
  • Expectations of discipline, hard work, and attention to detail are different, and appropriate, for different age groups, and skill levels.
  • The instructors carefully observe students while practicing and offer individual help or correction; as always, in a positive manner.
  • The classes offer a good physical workout. It can sometimes be quite challenging, but students are able to work at their own pace.

My son’s physical abilities, particularly coordination and strength have improved significantly. In addition to the physical benefits, I have seen an increase in his confidence. I also believe that Sealy Karate has contributed to a big positive change in my son’s concentration and behaviour in school. Without question, the key to Sealy’s success is the instructors. Shihan Keven Sealy has assembled a group that is consistently excellent. Their skills are impressive, sometimes astonishing. They bring energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude to each and every class. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from them. More importantly, I cannot imagine a better set of male and female role models for my son to learn from. I can sum up our experience with Sealy Karate by noting that, in a year of bi-weekly classes, my son has never once been less than excited about going to karate. He is always happy to see the Sensei’s and Sempai’s! 

Yours Sincerely,



“Pay for 3 and the rest of the family is free”.  Since my 3 children were already doing karate, it was free for my husband and I to join.  We figured it would give us a little exercise and every once in a while we get to stick fight each other.  Seriously, who doesn’t want to hit their spouse over the head with a foam bat sometimes?  Well it is a year later and I just received my green belt.   The instructors are great role models.  They each show incredible skill.  Sempai Joseph is very encouraging (especially to the adults), Sensei Adrianna has incredible focus and responsibility, and Sensei Jonathan has great enthusiasm every single class.  I often leave class thinking that I would be proud if my children grow up to be like any of the instructors.   Our family tries to choose activities that have multiple ages together.  In karate, not only can all of the children conveniently go to class at the same time, but it is multi generational.  Karate is one of the few activities where 5 year olds and 50+ year olds work side by side teaching everyone respect for each other.  Sealy Karate has developed the feeling of a community.  There are activities you can choose to participate in such as birthday parties, Shiai (friendly karate competitions), demo team outings, a hockey game, a football game, Ribfest, a fun day to support an orphanage in Haiti, and day camps.  We participate in the activities when time allows it.  We enjoy spending time with such a great group of people who know how to fun while being respectful and encouraging. 

Try Sealy Karate!  You will eventually do push ups without needing Advil and leave every class feeling good about yourself after having a lot of fun. 

Jennifer Smith, Mom of 3 ninjas ages 6, 8 and 10

Dear the Wonderful Sealy Karate Family,

 I am thankful to have this opportunity to thank everyone who supports the students at Sealy Karate. I had no idea when Maya started karate that it would go so far beyond physical fitness in shaping who she becomes as a person. With your enthusiasm and constant support and guidance she has achieved so much. She is learning to set goals and work towards them. She is learning how to be a leader and encourage others. She’s working to internalize what it means to have a positive learning attitude. There is no greater gift for a child than to teach them these things, so thank you. Please enjoy this small gift from us knowing how much we appreciate the giant gifts you give all the children here through your kindness, caring and dedication.

Michelle, Andy, Maya, Caileigh and Owen Phoenix