Black Belt Spectacular 2021

We are very happy to have once again produced some quality black belts despite the shutdowns and Covid limitations. These students have proven they live by the principles of the black belt modest, courtesy, integrity, self control and Indomitable spirit. I am proud and re energised as head instructor with a new titanium hip to be able to train again and I am happy to put my stamp back on the dojo as its leader. We no longer wear silk uniforms and call ourselves elite, everyone is the same only belt colour separate us. We lead by example with the energy for excellence we come to class to train and sweat not play games. We spend the necessary time in class to ensure everyone learns and memorizes all their katas not just the new ones they are learning. Belts should be earned they are not just a participation award given just so everyone has the same. Everyone learns at their own pace but all will succeed if they are prepared to put in the effort. 

Congratulations to everyone who graded and we hope everyone watching appreciates their efforts.

Black Belt Spectacular Video

Shihan Kevin Sealy 7th degree Master Instructor