Since 1991, Sealy Karate has been the choice Martial Arts Dojo for athletes of all ages. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment, accessible to everyone, to foster respect, self-discipline, and confidence. Our team uses safe non-contact strategies in class, to allow our members to develop control, and we teach power through hitting targets and bags. A fundamental part of our teaching philosophy is that we only use Karate as self-defence, fitness and an art form, through a combination of Japanese Karate as well as Jiu-jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques. In order to create well rounded martial artists – we incorporate a mixture of cardiovascular conditioning, physical fitness, and social skills into our classes. Come join us for a class and see first hand just how great we are!

We offer a variety of training programs for all ages and skill levels. From introducing preschoolers to martial arts, to family fit activities, to team cross training programs and on to more advanced combat training regiments; we provide expert guidance for our student’s journey.

For more specific information about any of our programs, please visit school locations, school Instructors pages, or just contact us.


Our Junior Martial Arts stream is for children 4-6 years old. In class, we teach fundamental movement skills (ie. balance, strength, coordination) and body space awareness through fun games, obstacle courses, and interactive activities. Children will also have the opportunity to learn soft social skills, such as self-control, self-discipline, confidence, and independence. By beginning training at a young age, children will learn healthy habits that will help them in all aspects of their lives. We emphasize the importance of respect inside and out of the Dojo, and expect our Juniors to act as such towards parents, friends, teachers, and themselves. Our amazing instructors utilize positive reinforcement and encouragement in class to ensure a healthy and safe environment. Come join us for a class and see first hand how much this program has to offer!


Our traditional stream utilizes a combination of Japanese Karate as well as Jiu-jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques in order to teach self-defense, discipline, respect, and overall fitness. Our classes will incorporate functional exercises to build muscle mass which will transfer into your martial arts skills. In the traditional stream, you will learn katas and other series of movements that you will be tested on, in order to graduate belt levels. Our instructors teach through positive reinforcement and encouragement, to ensure that all students feel valued and respected. We strive to create an environment that is accessible to all and welcomes all levels of skill and fitness. Come and join us for a class and see firsthand how much our traditional stream has to offer!


Sealy Karate is happy to announce our new and improved fitness program. We incorporate physical fitness as well as boxing techniques and cardiovascular conditioning to get our members into their best fighting shape. This program is created in collaboration with a nutrition and fitness advisor to ensure all our members have accurate and up to date information regarding healthy living. Come join us for a fun, sweaty, and fulfilling class to see first hand all that this new stream has to offer!

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