Beginner Program

Ages 6 & up

This program is for ages 6 & up, as kids learn to progress through the ranks of martial arts. Students attend two classes per week and have six days to choose from. You do not need to commit to specific classes each week because we make sure we teach the same lessons each week, ensuring that no one will miss anything no matter when they attend class.

A regular progress is important to keep students interested and our program is structured so everyone can always see when their next stripe and belt is expected.

We offer extra help to those who may be at risk of missing a goal date due to missed classes or whatever the reason may be. With six stripes between each belt, beginner students can expect to grade every 2-3 weeks for their next stripe and 3 months for a new belt. (Note: we do not charge extra for belt or stripe gradings). This means a beginner student could reach the rank of Black Belt in just 3-5 years!

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