Team SKS Martial Arts

Since 1991, Team SKS has been the cutting edge leader when it comes to teaching kids martial arts. Self-discipline and respect are the cornerstone of the program which is taught with high energy and positive reinforcement. We teach a combination of Japanese Karate as well as Jiu-jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques, making it a complete Mixed Martial Arts self defence system. We teach in a safe, non-contact manner when dealing with other classmates in order to develop control, and we teach power when hitting targets and bags.

We are a Black Belt School

Team SKS Martial Arts provides the most exciting and innovative programs you and your child will ever experience in the area of child development. When answering the question, “What do you expect your child to gain from the study of the Team SKS Martial Arts System?” the majority of parents indicate that they want their children to learn the values taught at Team SKS: respect, responsibility and self-discipline. If you are a parent searching for ways to counterbalance the negative messages bombarding your children from movies, television and other forms of pop culture, search no further!

Working out with a purpose

Self defence and physical fitness have always been the focus of Martial Arts and we offer a safe, structured, and fun environment to achieve these objectives. Full mat safety floors in over 3000 square feet of air conditioned space, make our facility second to none

Self-Discipline and Respect

We have made self-discipline a regular part of our curriculum by including parents’ and teachers’ comments into our regular belting cycle. Students need reports filled out by both stating that they show respect and are responsible for their actions, including keeping their rooms clean.